Selling a house in 7 easy steps

Selling a house? Discover 7 easy steps to streamline your home-selling journey and secure a profitable and efficient sale.

Finding the motivation to start selling a house can be difficult, especially when you’re ready for a fresh start. Yet navigating through the real estate industry doesn’t have to feel like an insurmountable hurdle – with some strategic planning, savvy decision-making, and a trusted real estate agent, you could soon be selling your home fast!

Navigating the sales process can be daunting. Fortunately, The Whalley Group real estate agents are here to guide you through it all with ease! Our team of experts brings industry-leading strategies and an unmatched dedication to ensure your sale is as smooth and efficient as possible. To get started on this endeavor, let’s examine the seven essential steps that lead to a successful home sale.

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Hire the right real estate agent

Hiring a great real estate agent from The Whalley Group Real Estate Team is an essential step in selling a house. With their expertise and knowledge of the local housing market, they can guide you through the complexities of the process and ensure you get the highest possible return on your investment.

A Whalley Group real estate agent is an experienced professional who specializes in their field and will provide personalized service throughout your entire journey to your closing date. They understand the local market, have a vast network of contacts, and know what steps to take to ensure your home sale goes as smoothly and quickly as possible. Plus, they are familiar with current trends in real estate and recently sold properties, so you can trust that they will be able to provide you with the best advice and guidance.

By hiring The Whalley Group, you can rest assured that your home sale (and home’s sale price) will be in good hands. With their expertise and dedication, they make it easy to sell a house fast! Trust The Whalley Group today for an efficient and successful home-selling experience.

Prep your home for sale 

Prepare everything to sell your house by decluttering, deep cleaning, and making small repairs is a key step to attract buyers. Our seller’s agent will work with you by taking the time to make sure your home looks its absolute best before listing it on the market. Decluttering is an important part of this process, as it helps to create the impression of spaciousness and can make the home look more inviting. A good example is taking down all the family portraits or even going so far as hiring a professional stager. Deep cleaning is also important, as it helps to ensure that buyers are not immediately turned off by any dirt or grime they might find in the house.

Cleaning your home means a higher sales price in Savannah GA

Finally, we recommend making a few small repairs around the house before putting it up for sale. They sometimes only add up to a few hundred dollars. This includes fixing any issues like leaky faucets, broken door knobs, or cracked tiles as these can be deal-breakers for potential home buyers. A fresh coat of paint can go a long way. Remember even small things such as mowing your lawn and trimming your hedges can help to give your home curb appeal and increase its competitive list price in the eyes of potential buyers.

By taking the time to declutter, deep clean, and make small repairs, you can ensure that your home is presented in the best way possible and maximize its value. A Whalley Group real estate agent will be there to help guide you through this important process every step of the way.

Set a competitive asking price for the house

Setting a competitive asking price for your house is an important part of the home-selling process and our team has the expertise and experience to help you do it successfully. Our many sellers appreciate the details we take into account including all the home improvements, your personal property, the remaining mortgage balance, and your personal finance situation so they know their realistic end results before making a final decision. When setting the list price of your home, you want to make sure that you are not setting a price too low or too high in comparison to the fair market value of similar homes in the area. Setting a competitive sales price can help draw more buyers and make a big difference in the final home sale price and usually it will get you more money. Setting an unrealistic price can have the opposite effect.

The Whalley Group’s agents have extensive knowledge of the local real estate market and will be able to provide you with accurate estimates and comparative market analysis of a home’s value based on current market conditions, recent home sales, and our conversations with many home sellers locally. We will also be able to offer advice as to how certain aspects of your home may affect its final purchase price, such as its size, location, condition, and features. Additionally, we will also take into account any upgrades or renovations that have been completed in order to assess the true value of your home.

In addition to helping you come up with an accurate estimate, we will also work with you when it comes time to set up a pricing strategy. By working together, we can ensure that you are asking for a reasonable price while still providing enough room for negotiation so that buyers and the buyer’s agent will still find it attractive enough to make an offer.

Starting with the right home price get's the most amount of money for your sale

When everything is ready, we will be there to provide sound advice regarding a realistic price as well as guidance throughout the entire process. With our expertise and dedication, they can help maximize the sale of your house by setting a competitive price that attracts buyers without underselling your property.

Market the property to potential buyers

Marketing a property to potential buyers is an essential part of the home-selling process. We have the expertise and experience to help you market your property effectively and successfully.

Marketing your home in Savannah makes a big impact

One of the most important steps in selling a house is creating an online presence. The Whalley Group’s real estate agents will set up a website and social media presence with all professional photos and videos for your home, as well as create digital advertisements to reach wider audiences. We ensure that all of the necessary information about your home – such as professional photos, videos, floor plans, and descriptions – are clearly visible so potential buyers have all the details they need when viewing your listing. Additionally, they can provide advice on small touches that can make your home stand out from others on the market – such as making sure we have high-quality photos taken by our professional photographer, natural light, carpet cleaning if needed, and even a pre sale home inspection if needed – so it catches buyers’ interest more easily.

The Whalley Group’s agents are also skilled at leveraging traditional marketing techniques. This includes our connections on social media, national home-selling forums, and traditional forms of media to get your property seen by the most people. We can also arrange open houses and private showings so interested buyers can see the property in person and make offers if they wish to do so. This enables potential buyers to get a better understanding of what makes your house unique before deciding whether or not it is right for them

Finally, here at the Whalley Group, we know how to use targeted advertising methods to reach specific demographics who may be interested in buying your property. This includes using data analysis to identify areas where certain types of buyers are likely looking for homes like yours and then tailoring advertising content accordingly. This helps ensure that you are reaching qualified leads who are more likely to make an offer on your house quickly and efficiently.

When you choose The Whalley Group for help with selling a house, you will have access to our full range of marketing services which have been proven successful time and again in helping clients sell their homes fast and at the best price for our sellers.

Screening offers and negotiating with buyers

When it comes to screening offers and negotiating with buyers and the buyer’s agent, The Whalley Group has the expertise and experience to help you navigate the process. They will review the offers presented by potential buyers in order to ensure that they are serious and that they meet all of the necessary criteria, such as a sufficient down payment and that the buyer’s financing is in order. This helps protect your interests as a seller by making sure that any offer accepted is legitimate and able to move forward in the process.

Negotiating a home sale with The Whalley Group in Savannah, GA

We are also skilled negotiators who will assist in getting you the best deal possible for your property. We understand how to evaluate different offers objectively while keeping your goals in mind – whether you’re looking to get top dollar, minimize closing costs, or move quickly on a sale. Using our knowledge of local market trends, they can give you sound advice on which offer is most likely to benefit you in the long run.

In addition, we can act as impartial mediators between buyers and sellers when it comes time to handle negotiations on the home inspection report or appraisal. We are able to present both sides of an argument clearly and concisely so that both parties can come away from discussions feeling like their needs were heard and respected while still protecting our home seller. This helps create an environment where everyone feels comfortable expressing their opinions without feeling unheard or dismissed, allowing for a smoother negotiation process overall.

A good real estate agent understands how important it is to keep emotions out of any business transaction involving real estate. As such, we will ensure that all negotiations are held in a professional manner while still keeping open communication between all parties involved at every stage of the process. We will still treat your sale like it’s our own home so you’re saving money on potential requests and still coming out with the best price. By working together with integrity, transparency, and respect –three key elements of successful negotiations – our team will help facilitate a mutually beneficial purchase agreement that gets you closer to achieving your desired outcome when selling your house.

Working with inspectors and appraisers

When it comes to selling your house, working with inspectors and appraisers is an important part of the process. The Whalley Group Real Estate Team understands this and works hard to make sure that you have all the necessary tools and reports for a successful sale.

We know how important it is to keep up with changes in local laws regarding real estate transactions. As such, we stay on top of new developments and regulations so that you are always informed about what’s required of you during the journey to sell your house. This helps ensure that all parties involved are following each protocol set forth by the purchase agreement reducing the risk of any legal issues arising from discrepancies or misunderstandings during the sale process. We have a top-notch real estate attorney that we know works for the best interest of our clients to also keep everything smooth.

Overall, your Whalley Group real estate agent has experience working with both inspectors and appraisers throughout every step of selling a home – from the initial home inspection and the home inspection report, through negotiations with potential buyers – making sure that all documentation is properly handled from start to finish so that everything goes smoothly throughout the entire transaction. With our knowledge, expertise, and dedication you can rest assured knowing that you have a team on your side who values integrity above all else ensuring that you get the best deal possible when it comes time to sell your house!

Crossing the finish line when selling a house in Savannah, GA


Close on the sale of the house

Closing on the sale marks the end of a long and often stressful process. Our team is committed to helping you make it through the finish line of selling your home as stress-free and smoothly as possible. At this point, all of the paperwork, inspections, and negotiations are finished, so the only thing left to do is sign contracts and complete the transfer of ownership from the seller to the buyer.

We work closely with the attorneys who are tasked with overseeing transactions for both the buyer and seller to ensure that all legal requirements are satisfied before the closing can be finalized.

At The Whalley Group team, we understand how important it is to mind all of the details, especially when it comes to the final paperwork and documentation during closing. Our agents will review all the final numbers thoroughly before the closing so that all terms are clear and follow the contract. We take pride in making sure you get the most money for your home including avoiding potential excess fees that might be added in error.

Closing day is an exciting milestone for both buyers and sellers! All necessary paperwork must be signed by both parties before funds can be exchanged; this process usually takes about an hour but can be done more quickly if needed. Once everything has been finalized, The Whalley Group team will help coordinate any final transfers between buyer and seller such as keys, remotes, garage door openers, etc., making sure that no detail is left out while ensuring a smooth transition of ownership at the same time.

The Whalley Group Real Estate Team understands that selling your house can be a stressful process and we are committed to helping you make it through as smoothly as possible. We work hard to ensure all legal requirements for closing the sale of your home are met, including reviewing final numbers thoroughly before signing contracts, coordinating any transfers between buyer and seller, and avoiding potential excess fees in order to get you the most money for your home. Our team is dedicated to providing an efficient yet effective approach when it comes time for transferring ownership so that both buyers and sellers have peace of mind on closing day! With us by your side, you can rest assured knowing that our commitment to integrity will help facilitate mutually beneficial agreements while ensuring a smooth transition into your next chapter with ease.

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