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We know that when selling your home or buying one it’s not about the transaction.

To serve others is our highest calling as individuals and as a business.  We believe in our clients and want to help with your journey.  Our philosophy is to serve our clients and partners by adding as much value as possible.  We will not settle for “good enough”.  Our purpose is greater than that.  We persevere because we want to see the best result for our clients.

With our specialized international team and partnerships, we know how to help put the personal touch on YOUR sale.

With the flood of information and proliferation of websites giving advice everywhere it’s easy to get overwhelmed. At the Whalley Group Real Estate Team, we help PEOPLE just like you go from overwhelmed to overjoyed everyday.

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Take the first step. Let us know what time works for you to chat with us! Whether it’s a virtual meeting or in person. We will customize our services to fit your needs.

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We’ll dig deep with you to understand exactly what you’re looking for, your personal and financial goals as well as your timeline. We want to make your dream come true.


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Buying or selling is an emotional time. We get it. Whether it’s finding your dream home or selling your  home, we’ll guide you through the whole process as stress-free as possible.


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Our Main Priority is YOU and making sure you’re ready.  We’ll introduce you to our preferred lenders, help you get pre-approved, and only send you homes you want.

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We assist you in maximizing your profit by strategically setting a price for your home, crafting a custom-tailored marketing plan, and negotiating skillfully on your behalf – all while keeping you continuously informed.



Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer: yes you can. However, it becomes a problem when you have to sell your house as a contingency in purchasing your next house. Many sellers won’t be interested in accepting an offer that has this contingency. As long as you have the cash available for the down payment and/or the financing secure, you can buy a home without selling your existing one, and sell it after you sign the sales agreement.

On average, many buyers find a home within a few months of when they begin their search. The buyers who are able to find homes in this market are the ones who are decisive and prepared. They’ve made their wish list and know their deal breakers. That way when a home hits the market – they don’t hesitate.

Only 28% of homes purchased last quarter were all cash offers. The majority of consumers finance the home. In fact, the average down payment is 12%. You don’t need an all-cash offer to win. You just need a great offer.

This is the million dollar question. It entirely depends on the situation, the location, the condition of the home, and how much money you’re willing to put into the home after you purchase it. These are all things that an experienced agent can talk you through. In some instances, it makes sense to waive contingencies to win the home and in others, it will be a nightmare.

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